LCL service

Nordicon core business is Consolidation of lcl cargo, and we focus on building as many direct services as possible. Both Export and Import. This means that we consolidate Lcl cargo in containers, which are closed at our warehouses and are opened at the destination hub. With Direct means that the cargo is not handled or unloaded until the arrival at destination. This is a very important part of the transport of lcl; less handling means faster transit, less damage to the cargo and many times it means better economy for all. It is also a much better environment solution for lcl transport.

Nordicon LCL services are the strongest in Scandinavia, with more than 60 import service every week to Scandinavia, and about 20 export service.

Other ocean freight services


Due to the number of Consolidation services run, Nordicon have the volume and agreements with shipping lines to offer a competitive FCL service. Our staff have years of experience to offer the best FCL solution to our clients.Inland transportation is many times linked to an ocean freight transportation and...

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Nordicon offer a special service for our clients with enough volume to build their own consolidation containers. The service mean that LCL cargo is booked on a regular basis and Nordicon or our agent at origin monitor the volumes on a regular basis to decide if cargo should be...

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