No 1 in the Nordics

Nordicon has been the leading neutral consolidator in the Nordic region for several years and are proud to offer the most extensive number of direct services to and from the Region.

“No 1” does not only mean that we have the most competitive range of services, but also that we are dominant in IT solutions as well as customer service. Our aim and promise to Customers is to constantly strive for development and improved service. To learn more about our services and what we can offer, please visit the specific information areas on our web or request a login to see the advantages with our customers web portal.


When Nordicon develop our IT solutions, we always have two focus, Added value for our customers and Internal efficiency and quality. In our aim to always provide the best IT solutions, we listen to our customer’s needs and demands. We learn from that and try to improve our systems constantly. We analyze our internal procedures and let the staff participate in this work and come up with ideas and suggestion on how we could save time in our operational process.

The saved time, we rather use to improve our quality and customer service. Today all Nordicon offices are operating with the latest web based system and EDI solutions with customers, agents, suppliers and international web platforms. Our customer web portal “ My Nordicon” is filled with IT tools to make your daily work easier. IT innovations is one of the company’s core values and a priority area for the Nordicon group.

Best in service

One of Nordicon’s group priority areas is to be Best in Service. We aim to constantly improve our customer service, which include everything from transport quality to operational service. Our staff is a core value and we believe that happy and prosperous employees are the base for our company to be best in service. IT solutions and innovations is another priority area for Nordicon, which is further explained under IT solutions. We listen to our customer’s needs and requirements which is the best source of information to reach our BIS-target. In the future we will also measure customer satisfaction to receive a receipt of our work and BIS improvements.

Direct services

Already since the start of Nordicon, we have focused on Direct services to and from our Nordic ports.There is no doubt that a direct consolidation container beat a transshipment service via hub in so many ways. The advantages for our customers are shorter transit-times, less handling of cargo and consequently less damages and maybe most important, at less costs.

In order to develop more direct services, they key is more volumes that allow us to avoid the hubs in a larger scale. We should also mention a less environmental effect when cargo is transported by ocean all the way without trucks and re-handling in the hubs. Today Nordicon offer more than 80 direct services every week to and from the Nordic region and more than 90% of all cargo is loaded direct between main ports.

Tailor made

In today’s changing market where most customers have different needs and requirements for handling of their LCL cargo, Nordicon must be more flexible than ever. In order to offer tailor made solutions, we have developed different systems for this.

Our standard services most often comply with the customer requirements, but at times customers demand special solutions in IT, customer service or related services such as warehousing, trucking or rail. The most common requirement is consolidation logistics, where we help the customer to optimize the handling of LCL shipments. Our FCS (Forwarder Consolidation System) is an example of how Nordicon tailor make a system after specific needs (Read more under “Ocean services” and FCS).


Nordicon is a proud member of GCA (Global Consolidator Alliance) and co-operate with more than 200 agents around the world. The network consist of professional shipping companies with focus and experience in neutral consolidation. With our strong partners, Nordicon is able to guarantee a safe and professional handling of your cargo all over the world. See our agent directory on “My Nordicon” web portal for more details.