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Nordicon is the leading neutral
consolidation company in the Nordic region

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Shipment tracking

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With Nordicon you have access to:

  • The largest number of direct services to
    and from the Nordic region.
  • Highly experienced staff.
  • Modern operational systems with plenty
    of customer benefits.
  • Professional and experienced
    network across the world.

These are just some of the benefits that give us the reliability required to meet your demands, today and tomorrow.

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In our safe and secure customer portal, My Nordicon, you have access to real-time information flow and status updates. You can also find; all your bookings, rate calculation, sailing schedule, online booking, statistics, and many other useful tools.

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Nordicon is excited to promote the Swedish podcast

Containers & Entertainers

Nordicon Sweden’s duo Linus Ahlm and Peter Mike have worked with logistics since the early 90s and together they have built several successful transport companies, including Nordicon. Neutrality and consolidation have always been their focus, both in heart and mind. Now after more than 30 years in the transportation industry, they share their journey through the world of consolidation with the listeners. Together with their good friend Gunnar Osterrich and some interesting guests, they offer a monthly episode that proves that logistics can be both interesting and fun!

All you Swedish listeners, do not miss out!