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Rail service is an attractive alternative to ocean freight if shorter transit time is required, or instead of air freight if a lower-cost solution is needed. In addition, rail service is far more environmentally friendly than air transport.

Nordicon offers weekly rail service to and from China at fixed rates. We also offer FCA/ Ex Works, DAP solutions on request. The most-used rail hubs in Europe are Warsaw and Hamburg, from where we combine road transport to a Nordic warehouse or door-to-door delivery.

We are also the sole neutral consolidator to offer a direct Hefei/Helsinki route, as the fastest service from China to the Nordics. Transit time Hefei – Helsinki 12-13 days and the neighboring Nordic countries and cities are only days away.


Rail Made Easy
with Nordicon

Rail Made Easy
with Nordicon

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Nordicon Rail Seminar

Nordicon has arranged three successful rail seminars in Helsinki, Gothenburg, and Stockholm during 2019/2020. The seminar included a presentation from Nordicon, the rail operator and a special guest from the China Embassy.

The seminar was received with great interest from all participants that were eager to learn more about Rail transport. Due to popular demand, the seminar will most likely be held in both Norway and Denmark in due time.


Watch the full rail seminar that was held in Gothenburg 2019.10.31

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