In late 2001, Peter Mike, Tommi Antikainen, and Linus Ahlm decided to start up Nordicon AB based on their years of experience in the consolidation industry. In February 2002, the office in Gothenburg, Sweden was established, soon followed by offices in Helsinki and Oslo. The Copenhagen office opened in 2004.

Today, we have 120 dedicated staff members in the Nordics.

Since the start, Nordicon has specialized in the consolidation of Less than Container Load (LCL) cargo, steadily building new services across the world. Neutrality and a focus on IT solutions are cornerstones of Nordicon and our experienced staff and reliable partners are our strongest asset. The combination of these strengths has been the main driver of our development and success.

Nordicon has expanded in all the Nordic countries and is now the leading neutral consolidator in the Nordic region.

Global partnership

ECU Worldwide is the global leader in LCL consolidation with a network operating in 180 countries, more than 2400 direct trade lanes for LCL, and door-to-door services offered in more than 50 global markets. This network consists of professional shipping companies operating in neutral consolidation.

For Nordicon, the partnership with ECU Worldwide means a strong and stable partner to develop with in the future. Both financially, and with a strong position on the global market with the number of offices and services, this partnership gives Nordicon the strength to develop our global services to and from Nordic Region.

With these experienced partners, Nordicon guarantees safe and professional handling of your cargo all over the world. Please consult our agent directory on the My Nordicon online portal for details.

Our Mission, vision and strategy

In today’s dynamic business environment, everything from business models and workplace structures to global supply chains and customer behaviour patterns has undergone tremendous changes. Life, business, competition and progress are getting re-defined every day. To emerge as an innovator and a leader in this constantly evolving landscape flexibility is key, not just in how we conduct our business but also in the core values that define how we as a company interact and operate in the industry, society and the world at large.


Nordicon should be the most preferred and leading neutral consolidator in the Nordic region with a business practice based on the standards of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance).


Our mission is to add value for our customer base when transporting their cargo across the globe. We strive to be an ethical and socially engaged corporate citizen through sustainable practices that balance financial growth and environmental and social needs for our stakeholders.


Our values are to deliver safe, cost-efficient and sustainable transport solutions for our customers, offering an inspiring and dynamic work environment for our employees.

Five pillars

Our values define who we are and how we do business.
Our values reflect how we see ourselves as a corporate citizen, relate
to our stakeholders and how we contribute to all aspects of sustainability.

1. BIS (Best in service)
2. IT development and innovations
3. Team spirit (the staff in focus)
4. Financial growth
5. Sustainability

IT solutions

When Nordicon enhances its leading IT solutions, we always have two aims: an added value for our customers and internal efficiency and quality. In our aim to always provide the best IT solutions, we listen to our customers’ needs and wants. We learn from that and strive to improve our systems constantly. We analyze our internal procedures and engage our staff in these efforts to come up with ideas and suggestions for how we can save time in our operational process.

The saved time is invested in improving our quality and customer service. Today, all Nordicon offices operate with state-of-the-art online systems and EDI solutions with customers, agents, suppliers and international online platforms. Our online customer portal “My Nordicon” is filled with IT tools to make your daily work easier. IT innovation is one of the company’s core values and a priority area for the Nordicon group.

Direct services

From the very start of Nordicon, we have focused on Direct Services to and from our Nordic ports. There is no doubt that a direct consolidation container is superior to a transshipment service via a hub in so many ways. The advantages for our customers are shorter transit-times, reduced handling of cargo and consequently reduced damage and, perhaps most importantly, reduced costs.

In order to develop more direct services, the key is greater volumes that allow us to avoid the hubs on a larger scale. We should also mention the reduced carbon footprint when cargo is transported by sea all the way without trucks and re-handling in the hubs. Today, Nordicon offers more than 80 direct services every week to and from the Nordic region and more than 90% of all cargo is loaded direct between main ports.

Tailored solutions

In today’s changing market where most customers have differing needs and requirements for handling of their LCL cargo, Nordicon strives to be more flexible than ever by offering individualized solutions.
Our standard services cater to the typical customer requirements, but at times customers demand special solutions in IT, customer service or related services such as warehousing, trucking or rail. The most common requirement is consolidation logistics, where we help the customer to optimize the handling of LCL shipments. Our FCS (Forwarder Consolidation System) is an example of how Nordicon tailors a system to specific needs (for details, see Ocean Freight and FCS).