In late 2001, Peter Mike, Tommi Antikainen, and Linus Ahlm decided to start up Nordicon AB based on their years of experience in the consolidation industry. In February 2002, the office in Gothenburg, Sweden was established, soon followed by offices in Helsinki and Oslo. The Copenhagen office opened in 2004.

Today, we have 70 dedicated staff members at our four offices.

Since the start, Nordicon has specialized in the consolidation of Less than Container Load (LCL) cargo, steadily building new services across the world. Neutrality and a focus on IT solutions are cornerstones of Nordicon and our experienced staff and reliable partners are our strongest asset. The combination of these strengths has been the main driver of our development and success.

Nordicon has expanded in all the Nordic countries and is now the leading neutral consolidator in the Nordic region.

Environmental policy

Nordicon is committed to maintaining its reputation as a pro-environment Nordic shipping partner. We are committed to:

Continuously improving our environmental efforts within the company and reducing the environmental impact of our transport.

Following up on our selected subcontractors to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve ISO 14001 certification or the equivalent.

Continuously improving our internal knowledge of environmental impacts in general, in industry and our own environmental ambitions.

Full compliance with our environmental policies and the applicable legislation in all the Nordic countries.

Norwegian Transparency Act

In compliance with Norway’s transparency act, Nordicon NUF has examined human rights in its transportation chains.

Nordicon is committed to ensuring that we, and our partners, follow the OECD guidelines on business ethics and ILO’s principles on workers’ rights.



For some time now, Nordicon has been aiming to support various projects within aid work and environmental issues, under the collective name nordiconcares.

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Nordicon Rail Seminar

Nordicon has arranged three successful rail seminars in Helsinki, Gothenburg, and Stockholm during 2019/2020. The seminar included a presentation from Nordicon, the rail operator and a special guest from the China Embassy.

The seminar was received with great interest from all participants that were eager to learn more about Rail transport. Due to popular demand, the seminar will most likely be held in both Norway and Denmark in due time.


Watch the full rail seminar that was held in Gothenburg 2019.10.31