Domestic trucking

We go all the way

Nordicon partners with the leading trucking companies in the Nordic region to offer an extensive trucking service for LCL cargo. Our road freight delivery system offers fixed rates and daily pick up or delivery. Furthermore, we offer domestic trucking around the world through our global network. In Sweden, we provide neutral domestic services through Nordicon Trucking AB.

For FCL, we offer nationwide road freight transportation to and from any port and city of both standard containers and out-of-gauge and projects trucking.

Visit My Nordicon and get access to our domestic trucking calculator, which also includes emissions.

National coverage with local know-how

Nordicon Trucking AB is a Neutral domestic trucking company for the logistics and freight forwarding industry operating within Sweden. Together with selected partners and sub-contractors, we offer national coverage with local know-how, no matter your domestic trucking needs.

Our extensive network of local trucking companies offers daily pick-up and delivery services. With their local expertise and our well-oiled organization, Nordicon Trucking is a strong domestic trucking partner within Sweden.

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