Customize your Milestones

Decide which milestone you want for all your bookings or for an individual booking. You can in any moment change the choice of status.

Find your documents

We have gathered all documents connected to a specific consignment such as BL, CMR, Invoice, etc.

Track your bookings

Enter your booking or BL number and track your cargo.

Get full control of all your
bookings in My bookings

View your bookings placed with Nordicon. Open a specific booking to see costs, documents, and milestones that show the latest status in the transport chain.
Administrate your Sorting list for import cargo, and insert your B/L instructions for Export bookings.

Milestones will save you
time and money

Monitor your shipment and generate reports on any cargo event (milestone) such as pick-up from supplier, vessel departure, cargo unloading and much more.

Below are examples of custom-configuration options for your email on milestones:

  • Multiple options of milestones.
  • Specify the recipient for your notifications
  • General reports per individual booking.
  • Look up the milestone history for all your bookings.