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New Rail Service Via Ningbo

New Rail Service Via Ningbo

To ease the traffic in Chinese rails to Finland, the operator has arranged temporary service from Ningbo to Helsinki.
The LCL-rates are the same as from Suzhou and Chongqing.

Below the January departures from Ningbo:

ETD Ningbo 15.01.2021
ETD Ningbo 22.01.2021
ETD Ningbo 30.01.2021

And below the January departures from Suzhou and Chongqing

ETD Suzhou              09.01.2021
ETD Chongqing       12.01.2021                     
ETD Chongqing        26.01.2021   

For above departures there is expected to be some delay due congestions, and we will inform about the status later separately.

With these departures we want to quarantee inclusive and versatile service for you.
All the prices can be found easily from MyNordicon, for both CFS-CFS and door-to-door cargo. MyNordicon also holds your rail documents and the photos of the cargo taken by the terminal during unloading the unit.

The terminal has also an overnight quarantee, so within 24 hours from arrival your cargo is ready for pickup to continue to it’s final destination.

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