News / Co2 emissions now on Nordicon rail service!

Co2 emissions now on Nordicon rail service!

Co2 emissions now on Nordicon rail service!

For many years, we have been providing CO2 emissions on our ocean & domestic transports. As our rail service has grown significantly & is now a popular alternative to ocean and air, it is natural that CO2 emissions are also provided on our rail services.

The emissions are calculated on the transport from rail-hub to rail-hub but are also available on domestic transport in both China & the Nordics, in other words, you can choose to receive emissions all the way – door to door!

Nordicon rail service gives you the CO2 emissions on:
• Booking confirmation
• Nordicon’s invoice
• Own emission calculator in My Nordicon
• Appears as a value on the rate calculation in My Nordicon

Why is rail such a popular choice of transport?
– Transit time for rail between China & the Nordics is about 14-18 days only.
– Transport cost per kilo is significantly lower with rail compared to airfreight. Rail offers an attractive balance between cost and transit.
– Rail freight produces lower CO2 emissions than airfreight. Which makes rail a sustainable alternative & at the same time significantly faster than ocean freight.

Are you onboard? Contact us and we will explain why our rail service is such a popular choice!