Environmental sustainability

At Nordicon, we understand that the environmental and social impacts are interlinked and have a domino effect on the stakeholders and the planet. Therefore, in our forward-looking approach, we will take significant steps to address critical areas impacted by our business operations. Environmental sustainability is about protecting natural resources and our common environment for a sustainable future. We look to adopt innovative sustainable practices and capitalise on emerging opportunities to position ourselves at the forefront of ESG advancements and drive positive transformation across our entities. We provide comprehensive environmental training for our employees to foster a culture of sustainability and awareness.

Our goal is to reduce our ecological footprint by implementing innovative solutions and actively working to mitigate climate change and contribute to conserving resources. We look ahead to reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing our environmental impact to the maximum extent possible, to be carbon neutral in 2040.

Environmental Management System ISO 14001:15

We are certified in accordance with ISO 14001:15 and undergo annual third-party audits to check that we live up to the standard’s requirements and to receive support to implement improvements.
To ensure that we stay up-to-date on and comply with current environmental legislation, we use a digital legal monitoring tool and carry out both internal and external legal audits.

Social progress

Social sustainability is about our employees feeling well, being motivated and able to develop. At the same time, it is also about us taking responsibility for the environment we operate in and society at large.

Nordicon as workplace

The basis for a successful business is committed, motivated and competent employees. To retain and attract new employees, we offer attractive working conditions and good conditions with a balance between work and leisure, along with inclusive and motivating leadership. We strive to be an open and equal workplace free from sexual harassment, violations and discrimination. To ensure respect for human rights, workers’ rights and anti-corruption in the supply chain. We follow OECD guidelines for the security of information systems and networks.

Engagement in society

Over the years, Nordicon has supported various social welfare initiatives. We strive to make an impact in the communities we grow in and depend on, and invest wholeheartedly, sincerely and long-term.

#Nordiconcares (more)

Everything we do at Nordicon refers to our core values and the vision of a more humane society. We aim to carry important values to people, society, and the planet.

Over the years, Nordicon has used the collective name Nordicon Cares for our commitment and ambition to support various socially beneficial projects with the individual in focus. The projects we choose to participate in, we also want to involve our staff and encourage our business contacts to go in the same direction.

By integrating our sustainability work in this concept, we work towards our goals that aim and include the UN’s global goals of Agenda 2030.

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IT For Children

Nordicon started a collaboration with IT for Children in 2017, where we support their valuable work of providing free access to computers and ICT education for thousands of school children in Ghana, West Africa. IT For Children believes that information and communications technology is the key to the positive development of a country – education, employment, sustainability, and gender equality.

Among other things, we at Nordicon offer free transport of their collected computers. We also encourage other companies in our industry to support this initiative. By donating your company’s used laptops you are reducing e-waste while making a contribution that makes a difference.


Nordicon is a proud sponsor of Räddningsmissionen, which carries out social work through various activities in several parts of society, with the aim to create a more humane society.

Donations for charitable purposes

Over the years, Nordicon and our employees, have initiated donations to various charitable causes worldwide.

Economic growth

Sustainable finance is supporting economic growth while reducing pressure on the environment to help reach the climate- and environmental objectives of UN global goals, taking social and governance aspects into account. It is important to have a long-term mindset and a sustainable perspective on the business – sustainability is here to stay!

Corporate governance philosophy

Our organisation’s culture is guided by a commitment to good governance. Adopting effective corporate governance practices is imperative for us to provide seamless logistics services and improve the efficiency of domestic and international supply chains. We take great responsibility in ensuring that we are guided by robust and transparent corporate governance principles.

As we continue to provide our services to stakeholders across the world, we are committed to following the highest standards of corporate governance. We believe that it is our responsibility to protect the rights of our shareholders and to provide them with timely, accurate, and transparent information about our company. We also believe that it is important to follow global best practices, and we are constantly evolving our corporate governance practices to ensure that we are meeting the highest standards.

Business ethics and corruption

We strive for integrity and compliance with the principles of business ethics throughout our entire business. Our work intends to create an open and responsible business culture. We take a zero-tolerance approach to corruption and bribes. Continuous training, interactive discussions and risk assessments help us increase awareness and act responsibly.

Norwegian Transparency Act

In compliance with Norway’s transparency act, Nordicon NUF has examined human rights in its transportation chains.

Nordicon is committed to ensuring that we, and our partners, follow the OECD guidelines on business ethics and ILO’s principles on workers’ rights.