News / Latest information relating to the Coronavirus outbreak

Latest information relating to the Coronavirus outbreak

We would like to provide you with an update about the impact that the serious outbreak of Coronavirus is having on Nordicon and our agent’s operations in China.

All Globelink China offices, except Shenzhen, are back at work albeit with reduced staff and on shift duty.
Shenzhen office is still awaiting approval from the local government to resume work. Despite that, some staff members are working from home so communication is functioning normally although with some delays.

In general, about 40% of the factories are back at work with priorities given to “strategically important” goods, such as medical equipment and parts or medicine. While the factories may re-open, they are experiencing a shortage of staff due to staff been trapped in their home town, or under home quarantine.

Warehouses are operating but with a slow process due to staff shortage. Sending in and retrieval of cargo requires an appointment to be made ahead.

Shipping Line offices are mostly open but on shift duty.

Transportation remains the biggest challenge as most drivers are from inland cities. They are either trapped in their home province or require quarantine. Some provinces are practicing compulsory quarantine of 14 days for any personnel from outside of the province. Delivery between provinces becomes impossible as quarantine of the driver is required for pick up and delivery. Shippers are facing problem to deliver cargo to the warehouse as well. There are also many restrictions in place for vehicles on the road.

Hong Kong and other Asia Globelink offices are functioning as per normal without any disruption to operations.

We will keep monitoring the situation and update you accordingly. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.