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New Global Partnership!

Nordicon has entered a global partnership with ECU Worldwide, which is the leading network for consolidation with its own operations in 180 countries and offers door-to-door deliveries in 52 markets worldwide.

This is a strategic decision to guarantee a stable future and opportunities for further development of the Nordicon group as the leading neutral consolidator in both ocean and rail, as well as neutral terminal services in the Nordic region.

This partnership will not involve any changes to Nordicon’s range of services, customer service, technical solutions, or management/organization. ECU Worldwide is a perfect partner that creates great added value for Nordicon and our customers. A collaboration that gives us the conditions to achieve our goals in IT development and digital innovation. We will maintain Nordicon’s current customer portal My Nordicon and integrate our systems with ECU’s digital platform “ECU360”, which expands our possibilities for more efficient traceability of our door-to-door transports.

On 1 September we successfully changed partners to ECU Worldwide in Japan, the USA, and Canada for our consolidations. Now the process from the remaining origins in China, the Far East, and Sub India for bookings with departure from November 1st has begun.  

It is now very important that our customers take this information into account, and make sure to redirect your bookings to our new partner. Necessary information such as first departures and contact details to our new partner ECU Worldwide has been sent in newsletters from your local Nordicon office and can be found under news.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact your local Nordicon office and we will happily tell you more.

We look forward to this merger and hope that all our customers want to join us on the journey ahead.