News / Nordicon news 18.3.2021 – Interact with Nordicon API

Nordicon news 18.3.2021 – Interact with Nordicon API

API – It can’t be more simple

API is short for Application Programming Interface and helps companies to share data in a controlled way. Although you may not be aware of it, you are probably using APIs on a daily basis. 

Now we give our clients the possibility to connect to Nordicon´s API. A great opportunity to access the details you need to streamline your information workflow!

How does it work?

API is in a way, a kind of library that is used for programs, systems, and applications to be able to talk to each other in a simple way. It works so that your system asks Nordicon’s API for a specific freight or sailing, Nordicon’s API extracts that information from our internal system and sends it back directly into your system. Quick and easy!

With the help of this API, you can use the information further on your own website or get information about a specific shipment directly into your system. In other words, you can retrieve as little or as much information as you want. The opportunity to get it exactly the way you want has never been closer.

What does Nordicon’s API deliver?

API allow programs that are good at one thing to do just that, and My Nordicon contains a lot of great tools that we know our clients value. The information that is currently possible to retrieve from Nordicon’s API is

• Sailing details

• Shipping calculation

• Offers

• Inland transport

• Status reports (Milestones)

As if the above were not enough, we continue to work on the development of our API according to our customers’ needs and soon we will also have a booking option in place!

This applies to our import and export services, both ocean and rail, and can be received from all Nordicon’s offices in the Nordic region.

Contact your local Nordicon office and get connected today!